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TONOTIL PLUS Oral Ampoules 10x10ml (+30% product)

TONOTIL PLUS Oral Ampoules 10x10ml (+30% product)
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TONOTIL PLUS Oral Ampoules 10x10ml (+30% product)


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It is especially useful for:
- those who exert themselves physically (e.g. engage in manual labour).
- those who exercise so as to maintain good physical form and health.
- those who have particular dietary habits (e.g. vegetarians, those who avoid animal products, etc.)
- those who have undergone long-term prostration (bed-ridden).
- the elderly and particularly weak.
- women who are on the verge of change.

Tonotil Plus contains precisely what is present in Tonotil, with its four amino acids, and also includes carnitine.
Carnitine, a compound essential to the body, is found mostly (90%) in the musculatory system, and especially in cardiac muscle. It exists as the exclusive carrier of higher fatty acids to the mitochondria which are found in cells and are the 'factories' of the bodies energy production.
Carnitine is a compound which is biosynthesised by the body or can be taken in through foods such as meat products. A deficiency thereof can cause serious problems.

Carnitine facilitates the use of higher fatty acids by the organism and consequently contributes in the production of more energy.

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