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Antistax Tabs for tired and heavy legs x30

Antistax Tabs for tired and heavy legs x30
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Antistax Tabs for tired and heavy legs x30


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Antistax tabs are based on the unique bio-active ingredient Flaven™.


Flaven™ is a powerful antioxidant that will strengthen and protect your veins from the inside. Antistax® Healthy Active Leg Tablets offer effective relief by improving the blood flow in your legs. They will reduce pain and swelling noticeably, so you can enjoy being your active self again.


Antistax® Healthy Active Leg Tablets are clinically proven* to relieve pain and heaviness. For best results, take one or two tablets daily over a period of three months or longer. Supported scientifically by the Antistax® Leg Health Center.


Active agent - Bio-active Flaven™


Antistax® products are based on a unique and clinically proven* red vine leaf extract which is known to contain a range of valuable substances, including our unique ingredient bio-active Flaven™.


Bio-active Flaven™ has been scientifically proven* to help maintain healthy leg vein circulation, and reduce pain and swelling noticeably. It has a positive effect on the elasticity and density of vein walls, which is why it is used for treatment of heavy, achy and tired legs.

A recent trial was carried out in 260 men and women with aching, heavy and tired legs.

One to two Antistax® Healthy Active leg tablets a day produced noticeable improvements by the end of week 6, which became even more marked after the full 12 week trial period. Feelings of tired, heavy legs, tension, and aching, were significantly improved, and leg volume was reduced by 100 ml per limb – that’s a small glass of red wine!

But bio-active Flaven™ can do more than that. It works inside the coronary system to increase elasticity and keep blood vessels healthy. It has been proven to increase the microcirculation of the skin and increase its supply with oxygen and nutrients.