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PHARMASEPT Aid Relief Hot Patch x5pcs

PHARMASEPT Aid Relief Hot Patch x5pcs
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PHARMASEPT Aid Relief Hot Patch x5pcs


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Aid Relief Hot patch is a single-use medical patch with heating action, specially designed for immediate relief from muscle, joint and menstrual pains, with slow-release technology and without any pharmaceutical substance.

With herbal extracts, it provides 24-hour action against pain, with the power of heat at the point of application. It is suitable for relief and protection from muscle pains, joint pains, cramps, rheumatic pains, sports injuries, neck pains, lumbago, and menstrual pains. Additionally, it is ideal for use before and after exercise, aiding in better muscle recovery and restoration of normal muscle function.

Without dyes and preservatives, it leaves no residue, no stains.

Immediate reapplication at the same point, after removal of the patch.


Heating Action

The patch heats the area where it is applied due to Vanillin, a mild heating agent with low irritability, providing a feeling of relaxation and relief to strained body areas.

Anti-inflammatory Action (without pharmaceutical substance)

The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica (equivalent to cortisone) and Willow address muscle and joint pain without causing side effects. At the same time, they offer muscle toning and a sense of wellness in the affected area.

Soothing action

Arnica extract soothes muscle pains, contributing to increased microcirculation. Additionally, it acts against swelling and helps alleviate discomfort from rheumatism or sprains.



Directions of use

  • Immerse the patch momentarily in lukewarm water to activate the heating agent.
  • Remove the transparent protective membrane.
  • Place the patch on the desired area, ensuring good adhesion.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes to feel the heat effect.
  • Leave the patch to act for 24 hours.
  • Subsequently, if necessary, it can be replaced with a new one without any specific time interval.

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