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Normal saline solution (ampoules) for nose cleansing and hydration.Gently cleanses the nasal cavities Moisturizes the nasal mucosa Helps remove nasal secretionsOtrisalin ampoules are recommended for:the gentle cleansing of the nasal cavities when the nose is blocked, for exam..
OTRISALIN Nasal Aspirator Refills 20pcs
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Otrisalin nasal aspirator refills with an absorbent filter to be used with the Otrisalin nasal aspirator device for babies.Nasal obstruction helps to clean the nose by gently removing the annoying secretions. It helps the baby breathe, eat and sleep well. Furthermore, removal of nasal secre..
OTRISALIN Nasal Aspirator 1pc with 2 refills
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Otrisalin Nasal Aspirator is designed to remove nasal discharge that causes discomfort to your baby.When your baby's nose is clogged, it has difficulty breathing, eating and sleeping well. The use of the nasal aspirator is recommended whenever your baby's nose is blocked as often as neces..
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