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ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Diffusion Soft 1pc

ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Diffusion Soft 1pc
ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Diffusion Soft 1pc


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The ELGYDIUM Diffusion - Soft toothbrush is designed according to the pioneering AFT technology, to have a complete and complete cleaning of our mouth.

This technology allows us to freely place the bristles of the toothbrush and this results in its head having fibers that clean the back teeth, the interdental spaces, circular tassels that allow us to clean the tooth - tooth and finally the back There is also a tongue cleaner on her head.

In addition, its fibers have perfectly rounded edges, while offering protection against irritation of the gums and damage to our teeth, making it suitable for everyday use. Finally, the specially designed thermoplastic material of its ergonomic handle, gives us the ability to better handle and hold, without slipping from our hands.

With a protective cap, to keep your toothbrush in the best possible state of hygiene.

Available in 4 colors. Discover…

How to use: For your daily oral hygiene, brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes after each meal.

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