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ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Anti-plaque Soft 1 pc

ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Anti-plaque Soft 1 pc
ELGYDIUM Toothbrush Anti-plaque Soft 1 pc


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The ELGYDIUM Anti-plaque Medium toothbrush is a toothbrush of medium hardness, ideal for daily use, with X-shaped bristles (tassels). Brushing becomes 30% more effective.

A perfectly designed toothbrush aimed at people who easily form bacterial plaque on their teeth.

The bristles (tassels) are X-shaped for 30% more plaque removal than conventional toothbrushes. At the same time, the distal tassels are taller for better access even to the back teeth.

The bristles are made of Tynex with rounded ends, its thin flat head allows easy access to the back teeth, cleaning them perfectly without injuring our gums.

Also, thanks to its flexible ergonomic grip and flexible neck, it adapts to the morphology of any denture, allowing us to easily clean the inner surfaces of our teeth.

Finally, on the back of her head she has a tongue scraper.

With a protective cap, to keep your toothbrush in the best possible state of hygiene.

Available in 4 colors (orange, green, purple and blue), to choose the one you like.

A personalized answer from Elgydium - Pierre Fabre Oral Care, for your oral health.

How to use: For your daily oral hygiene, brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes after each meal.

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