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Histoplastin Red Refreshing Scent Cream 30ml

Histoplastin Red Refreshing Scent Cream 30ml
Histoplastin Red Refreshing Scent Cream 30ml


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Histoplastin Red cream is a powerful regenerative, regenerative and remedial combination of three natural (natural) substances that have been dispersed in virgin yellow beeswax. It is intended for the intensive treatment of the upper layers of the skin, for the quick and effective restoration of all their physiological features, such as appearance and texture.

This unique product has been awarded many international patents and is now known to the general public and its brand:

The miracle red ointment

Histoplastin Red cream is a natural product and does not contain chemical excipients or other synthetic chemicals (emulsifiers, preservatives). It is the first skin product to be released worldwide with the exceptionally powerful regenerating agents of the standardized root extract of the plant Alkanna tinctoria in an ideal combination with the action of natural strong bioactive molecules such as tetra- and penta-cyclic triterpenes of Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia.

This amazing combination together with the synergistic effect of the other ingredients contained in the vegetable oil Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia and extra virgin olive oil are the regenerative, reconstructive and remedial arsenal of Histoplastin Red cream.

The discovery and introduction of standardized extracts of Alkanna tinctoria plant roots as potent repairing, regenerative skin factors in synergistic action with the triterpenes of Pistacia lentiscus is due solely to the Professor and Honorary Doctor of the Medical School Vassilis Papageorgiou

Action of the Components

They increase the skin's collagen, elastin and intuburacin where they are applied and help quickly and effectively restore skin elasticity.

They have very strong antioxidant action.

They enhance the skin's defense against external adverse conditions (contamination, pollution, solar radiation) while creating a protective film on the skin, while allowing the skin area to "breathe".

They enhance skin hydration by keeping the natural moisture trapped inside the skin.

The result of all the previous actions is its strong and rapid regenerative action, in the area of ​​the skin where it is applied, making the Histoplastin Red cream a unique natural elixir of the skin.

The Histoplastin Red cream contains no chemical additives (preservatives, emulsifiers) and thanks to its innovative technology and strict specifications applied to cream production, it is kept unchanged for 18 months.

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