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FREESTYLE Lite diabetes test strips 50pcs

FREESTYLE Lite diabetes test strips 50pcs
FREESTYLE Lite diabetes test strips 50pcs


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FreeStyle Lite blood glucose measuring strips, which are only compatible with the complete Freestyle Lite monitoring system, by the Abbott Diabetes Care specialist. The system is small in size for easy transport and discreet day / night measurement at any place. It's easy and fast to use, with no coding, accurate results and ergonomically designed for greater comfort. They are proven reliable in measuring blood glucose due to the unique patented coulometry technology in just 5 seconds on average. The measurement is painless due to the very small drop it needs (0.3μl), equal to the pin head. For easier reading of the results, the indications are large, the screen is illuminated, as is the reception of the film, while allowing measurements to be made on alternative points of the body, such as forearm, thigh and palm, which are less sensitive to pain from the fingers. Also, it is possible to transfer data to the computer to process and analyze the results.

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