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Προστατεύει έως & 6 ώρες από τα κουνούπια & έως 8 ώρες από τα τσιμπούρια. Κατάλληλο για παιδιά άνω των 2 ετών.Το εντομοαπωθητικό γαλάκτωμα υψηλής προστασίας Autan Protect περιέχει icaridin 20%β/β. Είναι ένα λεπτόρρευστο γαλάκτωμα που μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί σε πρόσωπο και σώμα και ..
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Απωθεί αποτελεσματικά τα κουνούπια & κουνούπια που φέρουν τον ιό του Δυτικού Νείλου έως & 8 ώρες, το κουνούπι τίγρης έως 6 ώρες, τις αιμομυζητικές μύγες έως 5 ώρες & τα τσιμπούρια έως 4 ώρες. Κατάλληλο για παιδιά άνω των 2 ετών.Το εντομοαπωθητκό αερόλυμα ενισχυμένης προστασίας Aut..
BION 3 Defence Vitamin D & Zinc 30 tablets
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BION 3 CLASSIC - 12 VITAMINS, 7 MINERALSBion 3 is a dietary supplement with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Each Vion3 tablet is enteric coated to protect sensitive probiotics from gastric fluids. Thus, probiotics remain intact and end up as such in the intestines, where they start to act. ..
BION 3 50+  30 tablets
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   BION 3 50+ - 12 VITAMINS, 7 MINERALSBion 3 50+ is a food supplement containing probiotics, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and three vegetable extracts. Each Vion3 50 plus is enteric coated to protect sensitive probiotics from gastric fluids. Thus, probiotics remain int..
BION 3 ACTIVATE  30 tablets
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   BION 3 ACTIVATE - 11 VITAMINS, 3 MINERALSBion 3 Activate is a dietary supplement with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Each Vion3 50 plus is enteric coated to protect sensitive probiotics from gastric fluids. Thus, probiotics remain intact and end up as such in the intes..
BION 3 JUNIOR  30 chewable tablets
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Bion 3 Junior is a food supplement with selected ingredients.It combines 12 vitamins, minerals and two cultures Lactobacillus gasseri PA 16/8, Bifidobacterium bifidum MF 20/5, Bifidobacterium longum SP 07/3.Vitamin D is essential for normal bone growth in children. Iron contributes to normal cog..
FISSAN Baby Bath 300ml
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With its soothing chamomile extracts and skin-friendly pH, Fissan Baby Bath is perfect for cleansing and caring for your baby’s skin – in fact, all sensitive skin – without making it dry. Fissan Baby Bath: available in 300 ml plastic bottles...
FISSAN Baby Cream 50gr
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Fissan Baby Cream is a barrier cream for diaper (nappy) rash with chamomile extracts, provitamin B5, lactalbumin and zinc oxide. It effectively cares for – and prevents – rashes on your baby’s skin area underneath the diaper by adding an extra moisture-resistant layer. Fissan Baby Cream reduces redn..
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   Fissan Baby Bagnetto shampoo and body wash with provitamin B5 is essential for the comprehensive care of the newborn, helping you gently cleanse both head and body without any irritation to your baby’s delicate complexion. Ideal for daily use.Dermatologically-test..
FISSAN Mama Intimate 150ml
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Fissan Mama Intimate has a clinically tested formulation with collagen and chamomile extract that make it ideal as a daily intimate wash.Thanks to its mildly antiseptic properties Fissan Mama Intimate cleanses gently whilst helping to sustain the intimate area’s balanced pH and natural defenses. I..
FISSAN Mama Massage Cream 100ml
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Fissan Mama Massage Cream with neutral pH is your daily ally in preventing and effectively reducing stretch marks thanks to its dermolipids, a complex of active ingredients that replenish the skin to make up for lost natural lipids. Helps lock-in your skin’s moisture to preserve its elasticity, leav..
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Fissan’s classic-style powder that effectively shields skin from irritation. Essential for the daily care of all delicate skin types...
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   Fissan Baby Moisturizing Cream protects, hydrates and revitalizes your baby’s skin preventing dryness thanks to its selected ingredients. Specially designed for daily application on face and body after bath or after sun. Suitable for dry skin. Easily applied, absorbs ..
FISSAN Baby Soap 90gr
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Fissan Baby soap tenderly cleanses your baby’s skin and keeps rashes away. Ideal for babies and all delicate skin types daily.FISSAN Baby Soap: available in 90 g bars...
FISSAN Mama Soap with 30% Moisturizing Cream 100gr
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   With its added moisturizing cream (30%), Fissan Soap looks after and softens skin on the face and body, leaving it feeling supple and hydrated. Alkali-free to preserve the complexion’s natural pH balance. Ideal to use if you have sensitive or dry skin, or if you are allergic..
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   Fissan Baby Liquid Powder protects your baby’s skin from rashes by completely absorbing all excess moisture. Silky in texture, it is easy to apply in a controlled way without any risk of inhaling. Apply for excessive sweating, heat rashes or irritation due to clothing..
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Minadex is a multivitamin supplement, enriched withOmega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA & DHA eight essential vitamins: A, D, C, B1, B2, B6, E and Niacin (vitamin B3).Minadex Multivitamin significantly contributes tospeeding up the recovery from illness reple..
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σιροπι για παιδια με σιδηρο και βιταμινες που συμβαλλει στη φυσιολογικη γνωστικη αναπτυξη - by seven seas..
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The pure cod liver oil in these ONE-A-DAY Capsules by Seven Seas is beneficial for health because it is a natural source of vitamins and is also regarded as the best source of valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Pure Cod Liver Oil ONE-A-DAY Capsules are rich in omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids (EPA an..
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Μaxepa Forte, Fish oil capsulesMaxepa Forte is fish oil:Highly concentrated natural omega 3 fatty acids In capsule Natural concentrated formulation Odorless and flavorless Highly purifiedOmega 3 fatty acids are useful ingredients for our health. Their beneficial effects are related not ..
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