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EFFECOL 3350 24 sachets

EFFECOL 3350 24 sachets
EFFECOL 3350 24 sachets


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PEG 3350

The only osmotic laxative with “Grade of Evidence A” in the U.S.A

Osmotic laxative for the treatment of occasional and chronic constipation of all types

  • Normalizes bowel movement
  • Facilitates emptyings

The difference of PEG 3350 (No.1 osmotic laxative internationally in terms of sales)

- Efficacy (Normalization of bowel movement)

- Safety (iso-osmotic action, not metabolized by bowel flora, smaller risk of flatulence and discomfort, does not alter the morphology and function of the bowel)

1st choice in all international Guidelines

1st choice for all special population groups

  • Women during pregnancy and nursing
  • Elders
  • Patients suffering from movement and neurological disorders

Suitable for adults and children above 12y

Dosage & Use

12 sachets for oral solution

Adults and children above 12y: 1 sachet (13.3g) emptied in a glass of water. 1-3 times daily

Occasions of long use: dosage could be reduced to 1-2 sachet daily

CE0426 Medical Device of class IIa

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