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Η Θεραπεία με Μάσκα σε μορφή Πούδρας με Γκάλανγκα της Klorane συμβάλλει στην αποτελεσματική εξάλειψη κάθε τύπου πιτυρίδας, ακόμη και της πιο επίμονης, από την πρώτη εφαρμογή. Αυτή η θεραπεία φροντίδας μαλλιών σε μορφή πούδρας με Γκάλανγκα, ένα φυσικό δραστικό συστατικό που δρα 4 φορές πιο γρήγορα απ..
FISSAN Baby Cream 50gr
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Fissan Baby Cream is a barrier cream for diaper (nappy) rash with chamomile extracts, provitamin B5, lactalbumin and zinc oxide. It effectively cares for – and prevents – rashes on your baby’s skin area underneath the diaper by adding an extra moisture-resistant layer. Fissan Baby Cream reduces redn..
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   Fissan Baby Bagnetto shampoo and body wash with provitamin B5 is essential for the comprehensive care of the newborn, helping you gently cleanse both head and body without any irritation to your baby’s delicate complexion. Ideal for daily use.Dermatologically-test..
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Fissan’s classic-style powder that effectively shields skin from irritation. Essential for the daily care of all delicate skin types...
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   Fissan Baby Moisturizing Cream protects, hydrates and revitalizes your baby’s skin preventing dryness thanks to its selected ingredients. Specially designed for daily application on face and body after bath or after sun. Suitable for dry skin. Easily applied, absorbs ..
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Fissan Baby soap tenderly cleanses your baby’s skin and keeps rashes away. Ideal for babies and all delicate skin types daily.FISSAN Baby Soap: available in 90 g bars...
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