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Bepanthol Cream for Irritated & Dry Skin 100g

Bepanthol Cream for Irritated & Dry Skin 100g
Bepanthol Cream for Irritated & Dry Skin 100g


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Bepanthol Cream is an emulsion oil in water, rich in water. With its specific formula, the application of Bepanthol CREAM refreshes and hydrates the skin quickly. It softens the skin and reduces the sensation of pain and of irritation. REPAIR Bepanthol cream contains a concentration significant (5%) of provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol =). In contact with the skin, pro-vitamin B5 turns into pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid plays a key role in energy intake of skin cell during the natural process renewal and repair the epidermis. Through the application of Bepanthol Cream with Pro-Vitamin B5, the natural process of renewal and repair of the skin is promoted. A recent clinical study confirmed efficiency in Bepanthol CREAM the care of irritated skin.


What are the advantages of Bepanthol CREAM? ? Well tolerated, there is skin sensitive: - Contains no perfumes or dyes - Limited number of components - Neutral pH . Clinically tested and dermatologically . Easy to spread . Readily absorbed through the skin, not sticky and does not cause spots fat


When to use Bepanthol Cream? 

minor burns and superficial, caused for example, liquids or hot objects . Sunburn . Dry and rough areas caused by wind, rain or cold . Skin irritations caused by example by aggressive substances, After peeling, waxing etc

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