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στοματικο διαλυμα χωρις αλκοολη για προστασια απο την οδοντικη πλακα και τα προβληματα των ουλων - 1+1 δωρο..
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οδοντοκρεμα για προστασια απο την οδοντικη πλακα και τα προβληματα των ουλων - διπλη εκπτωτικη συσκευασια με ειδική τιμή 7,90€..
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Η Colgate Triple Action προσφέρει πολλαπλά οφέλη:Προστατεύει από την τερηδόναΒοηθά στην αφαίρεση των χρωματικών λεκέδων από την επιφάνεια των δοντιώνΒοηθά στην καταπολέμηση της δυσάρεστης αναπνοής..
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A quick action product in just 15 minutes In a dense gel form. It contains Penetrol © to ease the invasion of the gel into the egg. With quick action that reduces the duration of treatment. It is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs. The second application only happens if this is necessar..
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αντιφθειρικο διαλυμα για την απομακρυνση της ψειρας και των αυγων της, φιλικο με το δερμα, αοσμο, ευκολο στην εφαρμογη, χωρις οργανοφωσφορικα, καταλληλο για ενηλικες και παιδια ανω των 6 μηνων..
Colgate Periogard Plus Mouthwash 400ml
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Colgate Periogard Plus mouthwash is clinically proven to reduce pathogenic bacteria responsible for gum bleeding. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS- Mouthwash for daily use- Contains 0.05% Chloride acetyl pyridine- Protects against plaque and bleeding gums PRODUCT BENEFIT..
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Colgate Periogard Plus toothpaste provides protection against plaque, tartar and gingivitis.Clinical studies have shown that the Colgate Periogard Plus toothpaste prevents the formation of dental plaque, even in difficult areas of the teeth.Colgate Periogard Plus toothpaste is more effective..
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Up to 12 hours of freedom from your cold soreCOMPEED Herpes Patch delivers up to 12 hours of continuous treatment  to heal fast and significantly reduce scabbing compared to anti-viral creams. And, because it acts like a virus shield, the patch reduces the risk of contamination from the col..
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Targeted and continuous moisturisationCOMPEED® Moisturising Plasters provide continuous moisturisation & cushioning to help treat and prevent those pressure points on the foot developing into corns. Designed to help stop corns before they start. INSTRUCTIONS:Clean and dry sk..
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Relieves pain instantlyCOMPEED Callus Plasters use hydrocolloid technology to soften and help remove the callus, relieving both pressure and pain. HOW TO USE1. Soften the skin by soaking feet in warm water and remove any hardened skin with a towel.2. Clean and dry skin.3..
COMPEED CORN - Medium Plasters with Salicylic acid 6pcs
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Accelerates corn removalCOMPEED Corn Active Plasters contain hydrocolloid technology, an active gel which improves moisturisation. Combined with salicylic acid it helps to remove corns. HOW TO USE1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring targeted area is free of creams and oils..
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Patches for curing calluses - 6 pieces Compeed Duroni Patch acts as a second skin which protects against the pressure. PRODUCT FEATURESImmediate relief from pain and pressure.Deeply moisturizes and softens the hardening ensuring gentle but effective removal.It r..
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Relieves pain instantlyCOMPEED Blisters on Toes help to relieve the pain and discomfort of painful blisters and are designed specifically for use on the toes. HOW TO USE1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring blister area is free of creams and oils.2. Remove the bottom pa..
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Relieves pain instantlyCOMPEED Blister Plaster Medium absorbs moisture and forms a protective cushion, providing instant pain relief and optimum healing conditions for foot blisters HOW TO USE1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring blister area is free of creams and oils...
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Relieves pain instantlyCOMPEED Blister Extreme gives 20% extra cushioning* and protection from rubbing thanks to its honeycomb structure. With * +20% extra cushioning for your feet, Compeed® Blister Extreme allows you to be truly unstoppable.* vs. Compeed Blister Medium HOW TO U..
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Relieves pain instantlyCOMPEED Blister Small Plasters absorbs moisture and forms a protective cushion to provide instant pain relief and optimum healing conditions. Specially designed for small foot blisters. HOW TO USE1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring blister area is f..
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Relieves pain instantlyUnderfoot blisters are a common problem - due to high levels of lateral movement, twisting force and greater pressure than elsewhere on the foot. COMPEED Blister Underfoot has been specially designed to fit and protect underfoot blisters, plus an extra cushioning zone to e..
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Instant relief from pressure and rubbingSpecially designed to fit around the foot, COMPEED Bunion Plasters provide instant relief from pressure and rubbing; helping to prevent blisters and further hardening of the skin. Exactly what you need to give your bunions a break. HOW TO USE ..
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Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief ™ Toothpaste with Pro-Argin ™ TechnologyColgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief ™ Toothpaste with Pro-Argin ™ Technology is the first toothpaste that offers clinically proven immediate and long-lasting relief from dentinal hypersensitivity. For the daily oral care of patient..
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