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Aquasoft contact lens solution 360ml 1+1 free

Aquasoft contact lens solution 360ml 1+1 free
Aquasoft contact lens solution 360ml 1+1 free


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Solution multi-purpose new generation

Provides excellent disinfection efficacy and physical comfort.

Proven clinical performance

Users experience a highly effective and comfortable solution to maintain clean and comfortable contact lenses.

It contains a natural lubricating and moisturizing agent

The incorporation of sodium hyaluronate improves user comfort of the contact lenses for long hours of use.

Specially formulated to be isotonic with tears and is suitable for users with sensitive eyes

Very high levels of user acceptance.


Removes the accumulation of proteins, lipids and calcium, with proven efficacy against ocular pathogens.

Compatible with all lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses

Suitable for most users

Excellent antimicrobial efficacy

The antimicrobial efficacy of Aquasoft moisture is further enhanced as it contains 1.3ppm polyhexanide.

Antibacterial case

Each package of AQUAsoft moisture contained and an antibacterial case with silver ions that provide additional security and protection against bacteria and microorganisms.

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