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ConvenientAutomatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings day and night*.DiscreetPainless glucose readings with a 1-second scan, even through clothing.EasyDesigned to stay on the body for up to 14 days.Water-resistant – designed to be worn while bathing, showering, swimming† or exerc..
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FreeStyle Lite blood glucose measuring strips, which are only compatible with the complete Freestyle Lite monitoring system, by the Abbott Diabetes Care specialist. The system is small in size for easy transport and discreet day / night measurement at any place. It's easy and fast to use, with no co..
FREESTYLE Precision diabetes test strips 50pcs
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New Abbott FreeStyle Precision Glucose Strips that do not need to be encoded give a result in only 5 seconds, while working with too little blood, making it really painless and simple to measure. The easy placement of blood prevents unnecessary waste of films while the unique chemical composition of..
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FreeStyle Lancets are made from ultra-thin, 28 gauge, sterilized stainless steel. They’re carefully designed to deliver a safe, comfortable lancing experience.For use with the FreeStyle Lancing Device and FreeStyle Lancing Device IIEach box contains 50 FreeStyle Lancets..
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